Become a DART Reseller

Authorized Reseller Program

We sell our products directly to customers and through a network of authorized resellers. We offer two types of partner agreements for its DART line of simulators.


VAR (Value Added Reseller)

A VAR agreement is for companies who desire to market and sell DART products while providing customer service and support. As a VAR, you will actively promote and demonstrate DART products and answer pre-sale questions that may arise from prospective customers. After a sale is made, VAR’s are required to offer installation services as required and basic technical support to their customers.

We provide our VARs with marketing materials, special discounts on demonstration units, customer leads, technical support, and enhanced product margins. In some instances, VARs may be granted territories based on certain sales goals.


Referral Partners

Referral Partners make introductions between BBSC and qualified leads who may be interested in the DART system in return for a commission made on a resulting sale. Referral Partners are not required to purchase a demonstration unit or provide technical assistance.

You can request a VAR or Referral Partner application by filling in the form below or contacting us by phone at +43 664 8200616 or email

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