In many ways, firearms training has never been better. Computer simulations make it possible to practice marksmanship in a safe environment, without the cost of ammunition or the logistical problems of a traditional gun range. But not everyone is benefiting. For many, virtual trainers can be difficult to set up and use, and priced far beyond their reach. That has been changed with DART – a new virtual firearms trainer designed from the ground up to be different, because we believe that virtual training can be portable, affordable, capable, and easy.
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Dart Simulator

DART is exactly the type of firearms training we needed to supplement our live-fire training.

Jeffrey Chudnow

Chief of Police at City of Oviedo

Don't Have Virtual Training?

If your police or military department, security company or other professional shooting training organisation isn’t already benefiting from firearms simulation (perhaps because of cost), let us show you how DART can support your current training program.

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There are a number of large training systems available, …

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When we set out to design a virtual small arms trainer, …

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Just because DART is small doesn’t make it light on features.

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We’re trained to think that high priced products are always better.

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Always a Good Deal Why choose DART Range

In any case, DART gives you maximum flexibility and mobility to carry out your training anytime, anywhere. And yet, you do not have to forgo any features that make up effective firearms training.
100 and more Targets
50 and more different Courses
18 Months until it Pays Off
7590 Euro to Start Pro-Training

Bundle Pricing Priced to meet your budget

Prices shown below are without regional VAT and may vary in other EU countries due to different fees and tax regulations. Of course every other individual composition of bundles is possible. Please contact us for information about dealers in your area.

DART “Ready to Shoot”

7.590./excl. VAT
  • DART Firearm Simulator with DART Range and Visible Weapon Software
  • Tripod, Keyboard, Mouse, Laserpointer
  • Projector with Bag
  • Laser Training Pistol
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DART „Instructor“

9.340./excl. VAT
  • DART Firearm Simulator with DART Range and Visible Weapon Software
  • Tripod, Keyboard, Mouse, Laserpointer
  • Projector with Bag
  • Laser Training Pistol
  • Powerfull Dart Trace Software Option
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DART „Advanced“

9.570./excl. VAT
  • DART Firearm Simulator with DART Range and Visible Weapon Software
  • Tripod, Keyboard, Mouse, Laserpointer
  • Projector and Laser Training Pistol
  • 30 Precision and Combat Skill Courses
  • 20 US Police Qualification Courses
  • 12 Instruction Videos (EN)
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DART ``Leasing Option``

from €150./Month
  • Leasing Option for all shown and individual Bundles possible
  • Duration 3, 4 or 5 years, without Deposit
  • Differences are possible depending on the EU country
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``DART Provides Most Effective Marksmanship Training to an Unbeatable Price``

Please call us on +43 664 8200616 to discuss your firearm training requirements

Some More Information News

Please find below reports, information or studies on simulated firearms training beeing worth to be read, news from the manufacturer or customer field reports. If you think something important is missing, please feel free to provide us with benefitting information.
New to Small Arms Virtual Training?
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There may be several reasons why you aren’t using virtual training. We’d like to address a few concerns that

Advantages of Simulation Firearm Training
By Bernhard Döller-May 24, 2018 -No Comments

In 2011 the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) was asked to determine if the combination of a virtual

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