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We’d love to show you some of the things that make DART unique. We offer online demonstrations that last about 30 minutes and provide a great overview of the DART system.

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When we set out to design a virtual small arms trainer, ease of use was right at the top of the list. Why? During our research, we heard from more than one department who had a simulator sitting unused in the closet. It seems that the person who knew how to use the system had moved on. And these aren’t inexpensive systems. The pain of learning to set up and use the system was greater than the pain of losing out on a sizable investment.



Because DART was designed from the ground up to be portable, we knew that our users would be setting up the system a lot. So we paid careful attention to setup and calibration (the process of aligning DART’s camera with the projector). Because DART is so small, setup takes only a few minutes – and calibration is virtually automatic. The entire process takes four mouse clicks and about three minutes.



Some simulators require a 3-day course to master, but you’ll be comfortable with DART after the first use. DART uses an exceptionally well thought out menu system and features context-sensitive help, which means that explanations of every feature on the screen are a single mouse click away.



When its time to pack DART up, that’s easy too. Disconnect the tripod and a few cables (there are only three in the entire system), and stow it in the travel case. DART takes about the same amount of storage space as a shoe box.



With DART’s low price point, it’s never been easier to afford virtual training. The savings in ammunition costs alone can justify the purchase, not to mention the time saved by having a training system that can be sent to officers in the field.